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I have been practicing Taiji since 1996. I started with the Beijing 24 form, designed to cool down the muscles from Shaolin Kung fu's hard training. I then met that living Heart called Sylvia Tambells, moving on to the teachings of Master Kay Tung of the Yang family. In 1999 Sylvia met Patrick A. Kelly to whom she gradually introduced me. I take this opportunity to thank her for believing that part of the meaning of her life was to make sense of my own. I thank Patrick for all he has done and does for me: for what I know, but above all for everything that is beyond my awareness.

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"As long as you can seek, throughout the life there is not a companion who has shared more with you than the ego itself. It has always been there, in the joys and sorrows, tireless cause of both. It is just to gain the awareness that where the journey continues it cannot come and to develop a strong intention to proceed further and not to turn back”.