The term Energy Refinement refers to the set of practices aimed at increasing and bringing the Qi into balance, or the breath of life. The practice of this discipline gives an improvement of the psychophysical condition, which it is reflected in a better state of health and response of the immune system. It includes coordinated practices of: breathing, body movements for the circulation of body fluids and the use of Mind to guide energy flows. All the practice of Taiji constitutes a balanced Energy Refinement practice. There are in fact 3 components of Qi (jing, qi and shen) related to the 3 different levels of development of the individual.

The first three levels (Earth) of the alchemic practice also include the Energy Refinement of the etheric field, related to the circulation of the Jing along the energy channels.

If one then decides to transform part of the energy surplus generated by the perfect functioning of the physical vehicle into components of more subtle energies (Qi and Shen), the mystical / ascetic / spiritual path is undertaken in the percentage and at the rate that each considers appropriate.

Otherwise the thickening of the etheric component of the individual generates in the same simply an "iron health" and a considerable increase in his physical longevity.

Masters of Energy Refinement and Taiji who are more than one hundred years old and perfectly polished are not rare.

Note: The elastic force or Jin derived in the martial practice from the correct use of the mind, coordinated with a released body and to correct breathing must not be confused with the Jing, but constitutes, being the body the coarsest component of the etheric field, just in case one of his expressions.

"The three treasures, or three gems of taiji, (Jing, Qi and Shen) are a unit that is so feeble that it cannot be heard"
Jade Emperor's Mind Seal Classic

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