Inner refinement following the teaching of the 3 esoteric traditions:

Taiji   –  Gm Huang Xinxian

Sufi   –   Sheikh Abdullah Dougan

Yoga –   Mouni ji Maharaj

as taught by Patrick A. Kelly

We train:

1) reaching consciously the forces of the three dan tien (etheric, astral, celestial),

2) development and expansions of those forces

3) merging with the Spirit

Practice of the first 7 years (the entire method is of 21 years):

Huang Xingxian 5 Loosening Methods

Cheng Manqing 37-move Form

Yang Chengfu 108-move Form

8 basic fixed step Pushing-Hands
Seven Pushes
Push, Pull back, Pluck
Single Hand
Double Shoulders
Swinging Arms
Elbow Push
Round Arms
Pen Lu Ji An
Open and Close


Huang Xingxian Fast Form
advanced moving step Pushing-Hands

Taiji – Gm Yang Cheng-Fu, Gm Zhen Manqing, Gm Huang Xinxian

Sufi – Sheikh Abdullah Dougan

Yoga – Mouni ji Maharaj